About Us

Advanced Vacuum was founded 1993. We started the organization based on service and upgrades on vacuum and thinfilm equipments.

During the years that past have we built a network of leading suppliers that is related to the vacuum industries. Well known suppliers as: Edwards Vacuum, Advanced-Energy, Entegris, Veeco, Hine Automation and Plasma-Therm to mention some. As vacuum applications are common in all different industries as well research & development do we cover applications from food packaging to space sciences. We have been involved in the majorities of applications where vacuum is used:






Our aim is to support the Nordic market. With better technologies we give you a better result.

Advanced Vacuum has long been known as a manufacturer of high-quality, economical open-load and load-lock plasma processing solutions. AV systems are installed around the world in commercial R&D labs, as well as in academic, scientific, and production facilities. The Advanced Vacuum Vision™ and Apex™ product lines deliver the full range of plasma process technologies, including RIE, ICP, PE, PECVD, and PVD. Advanced Vacuum’s robust, low-cost solutions are now integrated with Plasma-Therm’s advanced control systems, including Cortex®, our proven process development expertise, and our worldwide service and support organization.

We look forward to hear more about your vacuum requirement.

Environmental Policy

Advanced Vacuum Distributionworks with sales,service and support ofal vacuum equipment. The environment mustalwaysbe the focus of our operations and the environment is thus about understanding and meeting the environmental challenges we face, both stated and unstated. We shall achieve a reduced environmental footprint by:

• We must protect the environment and prevent pollution 

• Good knowledge of the company's and our products' environmental footprint 

• Work from a life cycle perspective 

• Be able to contribute to our customers' environmental goals 

• Manage our operations based on clear and measurable environmental goals

We are a personal organization with short decision-making processes where everyone should feel involved in the company. We havehigh ceilings and want all employees to work together on continuous improvements. We are constantly developing our operating system to meet future needs in the environmental field. We must fulfill both legal and other requirements.

Advanced Vacuum Distribution's management mustbe responsible for ensuring that its environmental policy is understood,implemented andmaintained at all levels of the company. 



Quality Policy    

Advanced Vacuum Distributionwork with sales, service and support of all equipment related to vacuum andhigh-end vacuum equipment.The customershall be the focus in ourbusiness and quality is therefore about understanding and meeting the customer´s needs, both pronounced and unspoken. Weshallreach satisfied customers through:

Experienced and solution-oriented technical salespeople

  • Fast and secureservice & support
  • Certified technicians where knowledge and security comefirst
  • Manage our business based on clear and measurable goals.
  • Simple and effective management system 

We are a personal organisation with short decision paths,where all employeesshall be a part of the company.Wehave highceilings andall employeesshall work togetheron continuous improvements,for increased well-being and the opportunity to develop. Weshall work with continuous improvements in our business system to meet future needs in our markets. We shall fulfil both legal and other requirements.

Advanced Vacuum Distributions management shall act to ensure thatit´s quality policy is understood, implemented, andmaintained at all levels in the company.