Wide Range Gauge AIM200

Edwards new Active Inverted Magnetron Gauge AIM200 is rugged and reliable and due to its compact size, 3600 LED light ring, integrated set-points and flexibility of connections/outputs, is suitable for a wide range of applications from scientific instruments to industrial processes.

The AIM200 gauge head and gauge controller have been combined into a single compact unit, and features a very low stray magnetic field, coupled with reduced footprint and improved striking mechanism makes it the perfect choice for use within analytical applications where the gauge needs to be mounted in close proximity to sensitive equipment.

1360° LED light ring visualpressure indicator

The LED light ring not only displays basic adaptive “working/not working”information, it also gives the user precise pressure feedback via the light rings pulsing patterns. The indicator is also used to help guide you through the menu setup.

2Reduced footprint

The AIM200 is compact in size, therefore making it a perfect choice of gauge in those applications where real-estate is at a premium.

3 Multipoint star striker

Our innovative gauge is equipped with technology that allows the gauge to strike even in the most heavily contaminated of environments


4 Analogue/digital

A choice of D-Sub or RJ45/ FCC68 for our analogue variants for processes that prefer a “lockable” connector to our digital gauges that sit in the same footprint, making it easy for you to upgrade at a later date should more data collection/control berequired.

5 Wide range power supply

This gauge boasts a broad power input range of 15-48Vdc, making it one of the most versatile options in the market. Integration into your systems is made effortless and stress-free, as there is no need for an additional power supply unit.

6Drop in compatible

We know the last thing you want to do is change software/carry out lengthy qualification or have to start changing your set-ups. Therefore we have made sure that we provide variants to cover the most commonly used outputs so upgrading is even easier

7 New magnets

The advanced magnets have allowed us to reduce our stray field/interference making the AIM200 reliable and safe to use in environments where the gauge is in close proximity to sensitive equipment.


8 Set-point relay

For the first time on an Edwards gauge we have a dedicated set-point relays available, enabling you to trigger a wide range of knock on actions.


1 Whilst the principle of cold cathode gauging has remained largely unchanged in principle however, the features required onboard the gauge certainly have. With requirements for on gauge set-points, various digital interfaces and adaptive visual aids increasing. Our advanced AIM200 pushes the boundaries further than ever before in a compact package meeting all your needs.

2Everyone wants a reliable vacuum process that works day in, day out, whether being used 24/7 or sporadically. This is something we are able to offer with our advanced active inverted magnetron gauge AIM200. It’s cold cathode measuring cell builds upon the long track record in cold cathode gauging to give great accuracy and performance across its lifetime.

3With standardisation becoming ever more common in thevacuum world, having spareparts that can be changedwith little to no impact is a key benefit due to the modularplatform our AIM200 is built on. Our digital versions of the gauges are in the same footprint as the analogue, allowing for easy futureupgrades.

4A part of a gauges lifetime is its end of life. To ensure that you have minimum downtime and low cost of ownership we have a simple model for replacement electronics and measuring cells so it is easy when a change is required.

Features and benefits

• Gauge naming allows user to store gauge identification data

• Low external magnetic field version (L) for sensitive analytical instruments (patented)


• RS485, 9600baud, 8bits, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit

Technical Data

Pressure range


Admisable pressure

Electrical connections






1x10-9 up to 1x10-2

<30% measured value from 1x10-8to 1x10-2 

10 Bar

RS232 or RS485

NW25, NW40, DN40CF


Spectroscopy magazine

AIM200 Led right ring visual pressure indicator

Active Inverted Magnetron AIM200