Active Pirani Vacuum Gauge

The Barocel 7000 series has 3 main variants, the 7025m, the 7025 and the 7045/7100. These are available in a range of full-scales from 1000 to 0.1 mbar/torr (100 to 10 for the 7025m) and with a number of flange options. This enables pressure measurement and control over 7 decades and simplicity when fitting to your system.

Superior performance

Excellent zero stability and accuracy.

System enhancement

Simple integration with dual set points for enhanced control.

Flexible solutions

From compact to heated and everything between.

Low cost of ownership

Zero maintenance required.

Features and benefits

• Cable connections and gauge adjustment conveniently located, thereby minimising the space envelope required for access.






Barocel 7025m - miniaturised accuracy -  For those who need measurement accuracy on a budget, the 7025m is the gauge for you. Built on the same principles as the higher end Barocel 7000 gauges, this shares its ceramic sensing technology and excellent zero stability. Recognising the market need for an smaller more cost effective solution, this provides you with the first step on the way to a more efficient system.

Barocel 7025 - benchmark performance -  Designed to give repeatable high performance, this is the gauge which sets the standard in a wide range of applications. Giving high levels of accuracy, it has been designed   to be fit and forget, with multiple levels of internal protection; Baffle, coatings and shielding fitted a standard along with the excellent zero stability and any orientation mounting.

Barocel 7045 & 7100 - temperature control -  Using the same measuring cell found in the 7025, these gauges then have integrated heaters to hold the gauges at fixed temperatures. For applications with harsh gasses, where condensation could cause issue, we have implemented two levels of heated gauges. Heated to steady temperatures of either 45°C (7045) or 100°C (7100), these provide you with piece of mind that you will not get condensates in the gauge that could lead to damage to your control network.

Technical Data

Controllers and accessories


The TIC instrument controller (D39702000) offers comprehensive control and display of up to 6 compatible Edwards gauges. See below for the various set ups you can run with a single controller

• 6 x Edwards active vacuum gauges

• 3 x BAROCEL 7025m or 7025* and any 3 other Edwards active

vacuum gauges

• 1 x BAROCEL 7045* or 7100*, 2 x BAROCEL 7025* or 7025m and any 3 other Edwards active vacuum gauges

The TIC has RS232 interfaces and analogue outputs for ease of integration into any system, alongside the clear on-board display with push button control. The TIC PC monitor then allows for data logging and monitoring alongside other control aspects and can be integrated into your wider network using the LABVIEW driver available via the National instruments site. The unit may be either rack or bench mounted and provides a useful hub for the flexible operation of a wide range of vacuum system configurations. Alongside the Barocel range we can cover pressures down to 1e-12mbar with our vacuum range to offer complete vacuum measurement and control.

* when using these models you must also use Barocel Adapter Cable D40003050


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