iGX Dry Pump

The iGX dry vacuum pump series sets new standards for zero maintenance between major overhauls. Improved efficiency lowers the cost of ownership and provides continuous pumping duty throughout the pressure range. iGX dry pumps include Ethernet connectivity allowing key data to be viewed via web pages, as well as a comprehensive set of networking options to assure continuous pump availability.

iGX pumps are available in a wide range of peak speeds and variants to address applications from clean through to medium-duty processes. A modular design allows users to configure iGX dry pumps to suit individual fab requirements. A compact footprint allows installation options including on-tool, close proximity, or remote.

90 - 1000 m³/h

Hermetically sealed, innovative mechanism

0.005 / 0.001 mbar

Superior vacuum levels achieved

'Plug and Pump'

Integral controller and safety systems for flexible operation. Low installation costs.

< 55 dB(A)

Low noise even at high pumping speeds

No routine maintenance

No preventive maintenance between major overhauls

iGX serie

Low Utilities Cost (Power + Water + Nitrogen)

• Up to 50% reduction in utilities cost compared to iH/iL *•Speed can also be tuned to application, reducing power further•

Flexible installation options

• Small & light for ease & flexibility of installation• Up to 47% footprint reduction compared to existing iH/iL•

No service required between major overhauls

• 100% oil lubricated bearings for zero maintenance•

Tool throughput improvements**

• Fast load lock pump down•

Identical pumping performance globally

• Pumping speed identical at 50 & 60 Hz•Range of pumping speeds available•

Lowest ambient noise and low vibration•Only 55 dB(A)

• Only 55 dB(A)


Product Features


Very high load capability for reliability. Designed for reliability and performance


High performance motors and inverter drives with low operating power consumption


Oil lubricated precision bearings ensure smooth, low vibration operation with no routine maintenance


An ultra-compact footprint allows installation options including on-tool, close proximity, or remote.


Active Utility Control mode reduces power consumption during idle periods


Zero maintenance between overhauls and low cost of ownership