Next Turbo pumps

Pumping speed from 55 to 1230 l/s.

The nEXT pumps offer superior performance, reliability and end user serviceablity, setting the benchmark for scientific turbomolecular pumps. Performance is assured with the nEXT family of turbomolecular pumps which now includes the new 730 l/s, 930 l/s and 1230 l/s variants, providing fast pump down and improved cycle times with reduced operational pressures. When looking for a turbomolecular pump with outstanding compression ratios look no further than the Edwards nEXT, the cost-efficient pumping package enables low ultimate pressure to be achieved making them suitable for a range of coating and light industrial applications. For scientific OEM customers who are already benefitting from the range of bespoke and tailored nEXT solutions, similar solutions based on these larger pumps are now available. These include multi inlet splitflow pumps and cartridge pumps. Now larger instruments can benefit from higher pumping speeds, and existing configurations could run on a reduced pump count.

Superior performance

Exceptional pumping speeds and compression ratios

Superior reliability

Built on decades of experience and based on our tried and trusted EXT and STP ranges

5-year maintenance

Up to 4 years between pump service

100% User-serviceable

Quick and low-cost oil lubrication cartridge and full bearing change

Hybrid Bearing Technology

Ceramic lower bearing and dry permanent magnet upper bearing


nEXT turbomolecular pumps are built on decades of experience and are drawing from our tried and trusted EXT and STP ranges. nEXT pumps offer superior performance, reliability and end user serviceability, setting the benchmark for scientific turbomolecular pumps.

Edwards nEXT sizes

nEXT turbomolecular pumps are hybrid bearing pumps with a compound drag stage and integrated controllers for pumping speeds from 47 to 400 l/s. They all feature a permanent magnetic upper bearing, which eliminates hydrocarbons at the top of the rotor and an oil lubricated lower bearing for reliable high speed operation.

The on-board controller interfaces directly with our TIC and TAG controllers to provide low cost system integration. The nEXT models also allow user serviceability by way of a user changeable bearing cartridge for low cost of ownership.

nEXT55 and nEXT85 turbomolecular pumps

The nEXT55 and nEXT85 are the most compact of the nEXT range, with significantly reduced height and improved performance in a smaller package these pumps offer pumping speeds of 55 l/s and 85 l/s for nitrogen They offer the highest pumping density of other pumps in its class, with almost double the pumping speed of similar sized turbo pumps.

nEXT240, nEXT300 and nEXT400 turbomolecular pumps

The nEXT240, nEXT300 and nEXT400 set the benchmark for scientific turbomolecular pumps, built on decades of experience and based on our tried and trusted EXT and STP ranges. With these long established models we offer a wide variety of sizes and variants giving OEMs and end users a greater choice and the flexibility to tailor the most appropriate vacuum solution to meet their individual needs.

nEXT730, nEXT930 and nEXT1230 turbomolecular pumps

With the nEXT730 and nEXT930, Edwards extended the range of our market leading nEXT platform with two larger pumps offering speeds significantly over 730 l/s and 925 l/s for nitrogen. We are now extending this again to include the nEXT1230 with pumping speeds of 1250 l/s for nitrogen. These compact pumps are able to operate in any orientation, and are supported by a full range of accessories for cooling, venting, powering and control.

As well as addressing the general R&D market, where faster pumping speeds are sometimes required, these pumps are also designed to meet the requirements of the coating market and other diffuse market sectors such as Heat treatment, Furnace applications, Ebeam welding, Etch, Ion implant, Degassing and Cylinder evacuation.

Product Features


for higher compression ratios and geater backing pressure tolerance


for a hydrocarbon free vacuum, reduced vibration and minimum wear


for high efficiency and compactness with reduced stray magnetic fields


Manual vent port with automatic valve accessories for rapid venting and quick cycle times


system that minimises noise and vibration transmitted to the vacuum system


simple parallel operation, sophisticated serial control, wide operating voltage range from 24V to 48V d.c.

Edwards nEXT730, nEXT930 and nEXT1230 turbomolecular pumps are the latest addition to the Edwards nEXT family, offering class leading performance along with high reliability and low cost of ownership. With over 80,000 tried and trusted nEXT pumps produced we are now bringing higher pumping speeds and increased flexibility to new, more demanding sectors and applications. These new models extend nEXT’s capability with inlet flange options of ISO / CF 160 and ISO / CF 200, giving pumping speeds of over 900 l/s.



nEXT730/nEXT930 overview


nEXT730/nEXT930 for coating applications