Nor-Cal Products, Inc. was incorporated in 1962 and began fabricating stainless steel flanges, fittings, and custom components exclusively for the then emerging vacuum industry. Nor-Cal Products' knowledge of welding, machining, forming and cleaning stainless steel allowed us to quickly become the premier supplier to equipment manufacturers and national laboratories. Nor-Cal Products coauthored the specification for vacuum fittings at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that became the standard for vacuum component manufacturers. Our ability to provide consistently high quality and on-time deliveries of OEM components made us the preferred supplier for pump bodies, vacuum chambers and other vacuum subassemblies.

Nor-Cal Products continued to work with end users on vacuum research systems, while developing our own product lines including foreline traps, isolation valves and electrical feedthroughs. In 1978 we released our own product catalog. During 1997 Nor-Cal Products began a

research and development program for downstream pressure control valves and controllers. Our most recent catalog contains over 6,000 standard items for almost every vacuum application. Thanks to the vision of our late CEO, Craig Hill, Nor-Cal Products has developed into a world-class manufacturer, providing the highest quality vacuum components, engineered solutions and technological leadership.

Nor-Cal Products has long been regarded as an anchor in the vacuum community. We are long time supporters, sponsors or members of the Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers (AVEM), American Vacuum Society (AVS), Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) and Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).

Over the years, Nor-Cal Products' customer base has been drawn from all segments of the vacuum industry. Our components are used in almost every phase of semiconductor processing. We are a preferred supplier to several semiconductor and compound semiconductor equipment manufacturers. We also supply mechanical contractors during fab construction. Industrial and academic researchers are frequent purchasers of standard, modified standard and custom components for physical, chemical and electrochemical experiments. Other customers who have come to value our experience are instrument manufacturers of surface analysis equipment, thin film deposition system manufacturers for solar or industrial coatings, laser device manufacturers and aerospace industries.

Advanced Vacuum Distribution has worked with Nor-Cal since 1999. Find more information on Nor-cal homepage: