Wide Range Gauge

Edwards Wide Range Gauge

Edwards nWRG series Wide Range gauges offer single port pressure measurement in the range atmosphere to 10⁻⁹ mbar. These are new digital versions of gauges that have proved to be rugged and reliable in a wide range of applications ranging from scientific instruments to industrial processes.

The nWRG gauges feature compact size for easy installation, a serial output and a replaceable sensor tube. It is anticipated that the digital gauges will be compatible with the next generation of Edwards instrument and active gauge controllers and displays. They are CSA and C/US approved as well as fully oHS compliant due to their lead-free construction.

Wide-range supply voltage

allows operation from 15 to 48V d.c

Automatic vacuum setting of Pirani gauge element

Unique striker design

ensures rapid striking even at high vacuum or in contaminating conditions

Adjustable open collector set-point output

for straightforward process control and interlocking

Serial communications

based on a simple ASCII, low latency, query and command protocol that can operated in a point to point or multidrop system with minimum overhead

Features and benefits

• Gauge naming allows user to store gauge identification data

• Low external magnetic field version (L) for sensitive analytical instruments (patented)


• RS485, 9600baud, 8bits, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit

Technical Data

Pressure range


Max overpressure

Temperature range Operating

Temperature range Storage







atmosphere to 10-9

+/- 15% <100 mbar +/- 30% <10⁻³ mbar

6 bar absolute

5 to 60

30 to 70


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