Advanced Vacuum Distribution has knowledge to support you on all different types and kinds of vacuum equipment. We do service on all Edwards products but also competitor brands as Leybold, Busch, Pfeiffer, Becker and Varian.

We also have long experience in helium leak detection. We can provide leak detection in our facilities or on your site. As we have a production segment do we have very good knowledge in welding, constructions, automation, pneumatic, sputtering and plasma processes.

Onsite Support
Advanced Vacuum's experienced field service team offers responsive support at your site, from product installation to maintenance and repair, or relocation and disposal. Wherever you are, whatever your needs, our professional team of engineers and technicians are on hand to help.

Product repair and overhaul
When products require more than just routine maintenance and you want the confidence afforded by the quality and standard of repair Advanced Vacuum can guarantee, then choose from our range of product repair and overhaul services. We offer fixed price servicing for swift response and simple budgeting, or a flexible pricing structure for maximum cost control.

Product exchange
If in your company process uptime is critical, or it is simply not convenient to perform repair or maintenance work on site, Advanced Vacuum's Service Exchange program offers rapid product replacement from a comprehensive inventory. Products are tested as new and come with a 12-month warranty.

Take advantage of the latest Edwards products by upgrading your existing equipment. We offer cost effective upgrade of most Edwards equipment, allowing you to benefit from enhanced performance and reduced operating costs. Upgrade proposals with short payback periods can be tailored to individual customer requirements.

Refurbished products
Genuine Edwards refurbished products provide a cost effective route to expand, upgrade or replace your installations without sacrificing quality, reliability or performance. Like our Service Exchange product, Refurbished products are tested as new and are supported by a 12-month warranty.

Service contracts and agreements
Tailored contracts, ideal for larger installations, bring together any combination of our service product range into one package, whether for a single turnkey activity or longer term equipment maintenance and management. For smaller installations we provide standard fixed price contracts.

Operation, maintenance and service training
Avoid unplanned downtime with correct operation and maintenance by taking advantage of professional advice over the phone, practical classroom based courses at our training facilities, or dedicated onsite training for your technicians and operators.