Wide Range Gauge WRG200

The Active Wide Range Gauge WRG200 offers the capability of single port pressure measurement in the range atmosphere to 10-9mbar with a linear output.

The WRG200 is a compact and efficient solution that significantly reduces the required space and hardware for connectivity. Its compact design makes it ideal for various applications. This gauge has undergone numerous technical improvements such as its innovative striker design, a 3600LED light ring, easy push-button calibration, integrated set-point controls, and comprehensive diagnostics. The WRG200 offers cost-effectiveness as a vacuum management solution, either when used with an Edwards controller or directly integrated into the system controls. This gauge is perfect for monitoring pressure in systems that are rapidly pumped down from atmospheric pressure to high vacuum levels.

1360° LED light ring visualpressure indicator

The LED light ring not only displays basic adaptive “working/not working”information, it also gives the user precise pressure feedback via the light rings pulsing patterns. The indicator is also used to help guide you through the menu setup.

2Reduced footprint

The WRG200 is compact in size, therefore making it a perfect choice of gauge in those applications where real-estate is at a premium.

3 Filament technology

Our new cold cathode filament technology will provide you reliable solution no matter your environment or application. The additional striker allows the gauge to strike in heavily contaminated environments therefore making this gauge the perfect choice for dirty processes.

4 Analogue/digital

A choice of D-Sub or RJ45/ FCC68 for our analogue variants for processes that prefer a “lockable” connector to our digital gauges that sit in the same footprint, making it easy for you to upgrade at a later date should more data collection/control berequired.

5 Wide range power supply

This gauge boasts a broad power input range of 15-48Vdc, making it one of the most versatile options in the market. Integration into your systems is made effortless and stress-free, as there is no need for an additional power supply unit.

7 New magnets

The advanced magnets have allowed us to reduce our stray field making the WRG200 reliable and safe to use in environments where the gauge is in close proximity to sensitive equipment, especially when measuring over a wider range.

8 Set-point relay

For the first time on an Edwards gauge we have a dedicated set-point relays available, enabling you to trigger a wide range of knock on actions.


1  Our advanced wide range gauge uses a two key principle to achieve its wide measuring range, inverted magnetron and pirani. Not only has the core of the gauge been redesigned, the features on board the gauge have too! With requirements for set-points, digital interfaces, adaptive visual aids andfaster ignition rates. Our new WRG200 pushes the boundaries further than ever before in a compact package meeting all your needs.

2Everyone desires a reliable vacuum process that operates effectively regardless of usage frequency, be it constant or occasional. Our advanced wide range gauge WRG200 offers exactly that. The WRG200, with its filament pirani and inverted magnetron measuringcell, enables us to measure more widely and accurately while maintaining consistent performance throughout the gauges lifetime. This is a crucial aspect of the gauges effectiveness.

3As standardisation gains     prominence in the vacuum     industry, havingreplacement parts that can be easily swapped with minimal impact is a crucial advantage. This is achieved through the modular design of our WRG200 gauge. Our digital gauges have thesame dimensions as their analogue counterparts, providing hassle-free future upgrades.

4The end of a gauges lifetimeis a critical aspect to consider.To minimise downtime andensure low cost of ownership,we have a straightforwardmodel for replacing theelectronics and measuringcells. This makes it easy tomake changes when necessary,ensuring minimal disruption toyour operations.

Features and benefits

• Gauge naming allows user to store gauge identification data

• Low external magnetic field version (L) for sensitive analytical instruments (patented)


• RS485, 9600baud, 8bits, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit

Technical Data

Pressure range


Admisable pressure

Temperature range Operating

Temperature range Storage







atmosphere to 10-9

"<30% measured value from 1x10-8to 1x10-2<15% measured value from 1x10-2to 50mbar"

10 Bar

0 to 50°C

30 to 70


Spectroscopy magazine

        Edwards Active Wide Range Gauge WRG200

WRG200 Led right ring visual pressure indicator

WRG200 exploding view