WRH Active Hot Cathode Pirani Gauge

The active Hot Cathode wide range gauge (WRH) offers the ability to measure from atmosphere to 10-10mbar with a single gauge, with accuracy and repeatability.

The WRH gauge utilises 2 measurement methods (bayard-alpert & pirani) in a single package, giving you everything you need to measure and control your system. With analogue and RS485 output available via the D-SUB connector, 2 onboard relays and easy calibration, control and monitoring is simple. Utilising the included software, you can easily track and log your system's performance and also make adjustments to the gauges behaviour, such as setting the set points or changing the output scaling. This gauge is the perfect companion for many applications, from R&D institutes to high end mass spectrometry and through to general industry.


Features and benefits

  • All in one wide pressure measurement
  • Dedicated software package included to allow
  • full control/monitoring/modification
  • Bakeable up to 180°C
  • Analogue and RS485 output on same gauge
  • LED status indicators
  • 2 adjustable set points