Manual Gate Valves

Edwards Manual Gate Valves

Edwards BGV gate valves are bellows sealed stainless steel gate valves for use in applications which require high leak tightness and a minimum of hydrocarbons in the vacuum system. Although principally designed for the isolation of pumps in the semiconductor fab basement, BGV gate valves are also ideal in other applications where a 1 bar differential at opening is desirable.

They are designed for use in the pressure range of 1.2 bar absolute to 1 x 10⁻⁸ mbar (1.2 x 10⁵ to 1x10⁻⁶ Pa). BGV gate valves will withstand 1.2 bar absolute in either direction allowing the vacuum line above the pump to be vented with the valve closed. The BGV manual valves have a visual indication of the gate position on the side of the assembly to show when it is open.

Able to withstand 1.2 bar absolute in either direction

Avoids re-start issues by keeping the pump running during maintenance

Stainless steel construction and robust design

Long service life and reliability in harsh environments.

Pneumatic solenoid and pre-wired option

Simple grease-free sealing mechanism

Minimises damage due to particulates in dusty processes.

Pre‑configured simple ‘plug and play’ installation.

Technical Data

Leak rate (body / Valve seat)

Pressure range

Max Operating temperature (valve body)

Cycles until first service

Available with

mbar l/s



<1x10-9 / <1x10-7

1x10-8mbar to 1.2 bar



NW50, ISO63, ISO80, ISO100, ISO160


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