The newest scrol pump on the market.


Edwards Vacuum has led the technological advancement of dry vacuum pumps for more than 30 years. With close to 100,000 scroll pumps sold till date, our latest innovation in the dry vacuum pump technology is the new industrial scroll pump named EDO. With higher ultimate and improved roughing performance in the higher pressure region, this pump is suitable for all rough and medium vacuum applications.


Features and benefits

• Capable of continuous operating at all pressures

• Compact

• Simple and easy to maintain

• Improved water vapour handling capability due to integrated gas ballast

• Presence of two Blow-off valves that reduce power consumption

• Inlet non-return valve

Reliable and flexible

Process protection: Inlet non return valve to prevent back contamination. The pump also has an integrated inlet filter to protect the scroll mechanism against particle ingress.

Robust: Made with high quality precision engineered parts offering extended life time.

Optmised design

Compact: Our patented antirotation mechanism reduce stress at critical points supporting long running life time. This replaces the usual bellows, pins and cranks making the pump compact.

Higher pumping speed: The dual inlet stage allows for increased through put.


Environmentally friendly: There is no need to worry about oil disposal, additional oil and mist filter as it’s a dry pump. The internals are easy cleanable, so easy to service.

Lower servicing cost

Alternative technologies such as oil in vane pumps require consumables such as oil, oil filters, exhaust filters and vanes to be serviced regularly - The scroll save you money by eradicating these.



Peak pumping speed

Ultimate pressure

Nominal motor power

Operation temperature


65 m3/h

≥ 1.5 mbar

1.5 kW

0 to 40 °C


100 m3/h

≥ 1 mbar

1.5 kW

0 to 46 °C



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