Edwards new T-Station 300 turbo molecular pumping station

September 25, 2020

Edwards new T-Station 300 turbomolecular pumping station builds on the existing popular T-Station 85 platform by replacing the nEXT85H turbomolecular pump with the nEXT300 turbomolecular pump we have extended our portfolio and are providing a solution for customers and applications that require a higher pumping speed up to 300 ls-1.

T-Station 300 like all our T-Stations is a cost effective, compact and modular pumping station, combining the nEXT300 turbomolecular pump with either the dry XDD1 diaphragm pump or the E2M1.5 oil-sealed rotary vane pump. With an integrated turbo and active gauge controller that enables single start/stop control giving the choice of pumping speed, extending the performance envelope for the R&D sector.

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