Superior performance and increased tool uptime

From our single cryopumps used in a spectrum of high technology research applications to our sophisticated cryopump systems used in the manufacturing of semiconductor, flat panel, and optical devices, CTI-Cryogenics sets the world standard for cryogenic high-vacuum technology

Key Features


  • Fast Regen™ capability that extends cryopump performance between regenerations
  • Simultaneous regeneration capability, enabled by networking your cryopumps, that speeds overall system regeneration
  • An embedded microprocessor control to enhance performance, perform diagnostic routines and provide communication capability
  • Sophisticated software and easy-to-use graphical user interfaces to significantly improve performance and operation.
  • The patented distributed control system monitors and constantly adjusts individual elements of the cryopump system
  • Maintains optimal system-wide vacuum performance, delivering exceptional process consistency
  • Quickest regenerations in single and multi-pump configurations
  • Low consumption of energy and cooling water with no compromise in vacuum performance
  • Easy system integration
  • Fast production installation
  • Enhanced remote monitoring for both preventive and predictive maintenance

A patented distributed control system monitors and constantly adjusts individual elements of the cryopump system to maintain optimal system-wide vacuum performance for exceptional process consistency. On-Board IS cryopumps deliver the highest uptime, best productivity, and lowest overall cost of ownership of any cryopump system available today, backed by Edwards highly responsive global service and support network.

IS 320FX Cryopump

The On-Board® IS 320FX Cryopump, developed specifically to address the challenges of today's Ion Implant processes, provides enhanced hydrogen pumping speed and capacity, while maintaining the quality, performance and reliability you’ve come to expect.

  • Specifically designed for ion implant applications
  • Optimized for tool throughput
  • Intelligent “self adjusting” technology
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Increased uptime


The On-Board® IS XP Cryopump delivers increased capacity for PVD applications to achieve maximum productivity while maintaining process transparency. At the same time, it leverages the proven energy effi ciency, consistent performance and low cost of ownership you’ve come to expect from the On-Board® IS.

  • Provides capacity overhead for future process improvements
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Increased Up-Time
  • Intelligent “Self Adjusting” Technology for Consistent Vacuum Performance

Edwards CTI-Cryogenics range of compressors

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