EJGO-Controller for vacuum pumps

Outstanding edge on vacuum control.

EJGO, the new generation controller, takes vacuum connectivity to the next level. EJGO intelligently manages, commands, directs, and regulates the operation of your Edwards vacuum pumps and systems. Be ready for Industry 4.0 with EJGO that offers full connectivity, flexible accessibility, and outstanding control functionality.



Get an edge by selecting the user interface that relies on a robust controller module and adds greatly to your convenience.

 User-friendly interface

The EJGO controller allows you to access the pump via the front panel, or the HMI along with the web browser. All the relevant parameters can be adjusted and monitored to match multiple pump processes

> Front panel

  • Icon buttons to control pump operation
  • LED indicators display pump information
  • Easy to use

> 7" HMI

  • Configurable homepage with Graphic UI
  • Complete onboard control

Please note that some products feature either a front panel or HMI

> Web browser(Computer, laptop or mobile)

  • Monitor and control the pump from any connected device
  • Remote control is possible if pump is connected to the network or cloud

Controller module

> Dual CPUs:Split between low level and high level CPUs to achieve both industry reliability and intelligence

>Uses open-source and modular software to enable customisation



KPT insights and management

>Assess pump health, vacuum performance and operating economy

>KPI Score and insight cards give deep understanding of the systems beyond on/off and setpoint.

Trend map

>Monitor pump operation continuosly for a real-time curve

>View trends and compare multiple metrics/cycles depending on pump type

>Examples include motor speed, power consumption, outlet temperature and more!

Intelligent scheduling

>Plan a series of events into the calendar, not limited to pump start/stop routines, purge cycles and auto cleaning.

>Convenience of setting up a repeat action as per individual process requirements

Altert and notification

>Get alert notification on the mounted panel, in web UI, or via email notification

Automatic software updates

>Automatic or manual update configurable by you

>Automatic software updates do not interrupt pump operation, enabling continued uptime

>New software releases may be required for increased functionality, added geatures, patches and bug fixes

Remote service

>Support available for online diagnostics and debugging


>ECC P256 certificate and TPM2.0 chip used

>Operation system and software is encrypted and password protected

>Identity management: different user access levels available for customised access control